Top Unique Destination in Southeast Asia

Top Unique Destination of Southeast Asia
Top Unique Destination of Southeast Asia

Although these unique destinations have become more popular over the years, they are still some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful places, and are definitely less busy than most. We believe that no matter where in the world you are, and no matter how overrun with tourists it is, you can still find an off-track spot all to yourself.


  1. Make the journey to Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam

You may hear a lot about Ha Long Bay, but less about Bai Tu Long Bay. Bai Tu Long Bay is just to the northeast of world-famous Ha Long Bay – and its striking expanse is just as beautiful. However, it sees a fraction of the visitors. You can find here is less touristic as Ha Long Bay. Once you’ve taken in the bay, bask on the untouched beaches (the best stretch along the east coast) and explore the virtually empty roads by bicycle. You’ll get the impression that little has changed here for decades.

  1. Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

This is hands down one of the nicest beaches in the world (based on what we’ve seen). There are technically two Koh Rong Islands in Cambodia. One is a dive location for boats leaving Sihanoukville (Koh Sanloem) and one is lost out in the sea, left virtually untouched by tourism.

When the longtail boat rounds the corner and you see the absolutely stunning stretch of powdery white sand, you can’t help but be amazed. The Sok San beach goes on for 8 km and dips into the alluring turquoise sea at the perfect swimming gradient. This is one of the best hidden spots in Cambodia!

We’ve seen beaches from Asia to Africa, the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and Koh Rong trumps them all. The stunning jungle backdrop, coral reef and the fact that you’re practically the only person there really just adds to its beauty. It is the best sight in Southeast Asia and is most definitely off the beaten path.

  1. Hsipaw, Myanmar

Myanmar may not be the untouched paradise that it once was, but take a trek into the villages around Hsipaw and find some amazing Shan culture within easy reach.

When you arrive, don’t be discouraged by the daily tours that leave Hsipaw with 8-10 people/group. Ignore them, take walk out into the surrounding villages. Maybe a local guide will help you to reach the remote village.

You’ll be rewarded with waterfalls, farmland, natural hot-springs and genuine local hospitality. You’ll likely have locals invite you in for meals and you can see their homes and the amazingly laid-back lifestyle in which they live. You may even be able to teach English, if you come across Hope and her incredible school in Naloy village.

  1. Don Khong Island, Laos

This stunning place is actually on the trail, but it’s on the trail that leads to the more popular neighbouring island of Don Det. In Southern Laos, in the 4 Thousand Islands region, Don Khong is a little piece of hidden calm inside a tsunami of tourists that force their way up from Thailand.

When everybody else hops on the first boat out to get to the backpacker haven known as Don Det, you should consider staying behind.

Rent a bike and head around this tiny island and see a piece of Laos culture that you won’t see again unless you head far North past Luang Prabang. Small villages with kind and inquisitive locals will greet you on your travels and you’ll be able to witness something few other travelers here do, the real Laos.

  1. Southern Inle Lake, Myanmar

Inle Lake itself definitely shows up on the tourist radar, but most people stick to the boat tours that putter around the northern reaches of the lake.

Find a boatman who is willing to take you as far south as you can go, the closer you get to the “Permit Zone” the fewer travelers you will see and the more authentic experiences you will have.

It may cost you a few extra bucks to get down there, but it’s so worth it. The villages are untouched and the monasteries are empty and beautiful. Also, don’t forget to rent a bicycle and bike around the lake yourself; stop off at a winery, meet local fishermen and enjoy watching Myanmar go by.

Most people who come to Inle Lake think it’s a tourist trap because they don’t take the time to find a place for themselves. The Southern part of the lake is a place not to be missed.


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