7 places must visit in Sapa

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Cat Cat also attract tourist by its traditional and unique culture of Hmong ethnic group.

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Sapa’s miraculous journey begins by connecting the Lao Cai City and Sapa Town with nearly 40km. Sitting on the car moving visitors feel immediately fresh air, cool and spectacular landscape of the North West on this road. On one side is a cliff standing on one side is a picturesque terraced field under the valley. The two sides of the road are straight lines, soaring welcome visitors to Sapa.

  1. Sapa Town
Sapa town in late afternoon – Photo by: Flickr

Located at 1600 meters above sea level. Sapa town is a beautiful and romantic tourist destination. In the clouds floating, Sapa town as a city in the misty and beautiful painting. The priceless resource of Sapa is a fresh climate with a variety of nuances. One day in Sapa has four seasons: Morning and afternoon is the weather of spring and autumn; Afternoon is the summer with cool and sunshine; Evening is like winter weather. With such ideal climate, Sapa has become a great holiday destination. Sapa is such like an Europe city because of modern and old western-style architecture.

2. Sapa Stone Church

sapa stone church, sapa travel, sapa town, sapa tour
Sapa stone church – photo by: Flickr

Situated in the heart of the town is the Sapa Rock Church built in 1895, which is considered to be one of the oldest surviving French architectural landmarks. With Romanesque Gothic architecture flying, the church turns to the east as the sun rises to welcome the light of God. The church bell tower in the west where Kito Princess was born. All the works are built of stone pass is linked together by a mixture of sand and lime molasses. Since its inception, the Sapa Rock Church has always been the venue for many traditional cultural activities of ethnic minority people. The building is considered a symbol of Sapa and is home to many colorful festivals of the mountain town.

3. Ham Rong mount

sapa town, Ham Rong mount, tour to sapa, sapa travel
Sapa town view from Ham Rong mount

One of destination should not been ignored is Ham Rong mount. The name of this mount is related to the fairy of Dragon.  The Ham Rong tourist site is built on an area of 150 hectares, was started in 1996. As you climb higher you have the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape such as orchid garden, sky gate, rattan yard, digging dirt, with brilliant flowers intermingled with layers of rocks with all kinds of shapes. At 1800m you will see the clouds drifted can panoramic view Sapa panoramic view on high. This is considered the best view of Sapa because of this height you can feel the interference of heaven and earth and walk freely on the clouds.

4. Cat Cat village

From the center of Sapa Town about 3 km to Cat Cat village in San Xa Ho commune, where the tranquility of an ancient village is intact. Cat Cat is home to the Hmong people formed in the early 19th century the French have chosen this place as a place for senior officials. Cat Cat has a beautiful water tower which in French means sandy sand, since it is named Cat Cat. The Cat Cat is located at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son Range in the valley with three mountains, with nearly 80 households, most of which are located along the stone steps between the villages, some scattered on the slopes. The center of Cat Cat is crossroad of three streams  including the Golden Stream, Silver Stream and Tien Sa Stream, and the Cat Cat Waterfall. The suspension bridge A Lứ and Xi are one of the spot place for photo shooting.

At Sapa Cat Cat, tourists will visit the exhibition and sale of traditional products of the Hmong people, the sophisticated and unique products created by the skillful hands of the people here. Only bring back the vitality of the village but also show the typical culture of Mong people preserved through generations.

5. Sapa ancient stone

mysterious carving from ancient in big stone of Muong Hoa valley

The ancient stone carved located at Muong Hoa Valley, 8 km east from Sapa Town. Hundreds of sandstone carvings have carved many drawings, strange characters have so far not identified the source and meaning.

Today, this ancient engraving site has been classified as a national monument, a unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese. The ancient rocky grounds have rocks with beautiful carvings in Pho village with large rocks on the surface carved with different shapes, especially the figure in many poses. The figure of a man with a rounded head radiating a glint, with the figure of the hands holding the figure upside down, with the couples expressing the worship of the gas statues on the drawings of the Dong Son drum. Surveyed here to 11 exotic manuscripts, most scientists consider this a great legacy of humanity.

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6. Lao Chai – Ta Van village

Sapa travel, sapa tour, things to do in sapa, Hmong ethnic people,
Traditional and unique culture of Hmong ethnic group – Flickr

About 7km from the center of Sapa town, the road leading to Lao Chai – Ta Van brings tourists to another life of the village. This village is the living of Hmong, Dao, Giay, Tay ethnic people. Visit this village to see very beautiful mountain landscape and terrace field.

To feel the beauty and experience the real life of Ta Van tourists have to sleep here one night at Homestay in the village. Wooden Homestay is in the style of house on stilts around with the vegetable gardens, flowers and forest trees. The owner will arrange for visitors to sleep on warm mattress on the second floor of the house on stilt.

7. Fanxipan mount cable car

Fansipan mount is 3143m, highest mount in Indochina

fansipan cable cab, fansipan mount, sapa travel, sapa tour, things to do in sapa
Fansipan mount is now easier to reach than before because of modern cable cab

Before tourist have to spend two all days to go to the Fasipan – the roof of Indochina, now this time is only 30 minutes with the highest, longest, most modern cable car in the world. The cable car only takes you to 3000 meters above the sea. You still have to climb more 600 steps to reach the top of mount. Passing through the gate, you will see the stone steps leading up to a series of temples, temples and shrines. Here the cloud cover all year round as the spiritual space to add the illusory, damaged, real. On beautiful days from 3000 meters high tourists can watch the sea of ​​clouds.This is also the reason why this new tourist destination is called the City on the Cloud. Prepare the camera well so that you do not miss the great moments of nature and touching the clouds or walking the clouds is absolutely true. If you can not walk, the two-way train will be ready to serve visitors in just a minute you can set foot on the peak of Phan Xi Pang and hold the national flag shooting memorable photos. Fansipan peak is 3143 meters is the masterpiece of nature and is the peak everyone wants to conquer.

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