Vietnam Tea – Top 3 typical kind of tea

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Vietnam has good condition about climate, soild, people and seed to plant tea tree. The fields of tea make the beautiful scence for Vietnamese tourism.

Some people often asked, “What is tea in Vietnam like?” There is, of course, no simple answer. There are many kind of Tea Viet Nam, but have 3 Most Popular Tea Varieties in Vietnam:

The first, Green tea must always be the first to be mentioned whenever one talks about Vietnamese tea. From the middle of the 20th century, green tea has been planted extensively throughout the North and the Middle of Vietnam, gradually becoming a symbol of Vietnamese’ everyday life, of the peaceful countryside regions.

People can enjoy it right after picking the leaves from the tree. Steeping and boiling the tea leaves in hot water, after fifteen minutes, your green tea is ready to be served.

Video: How to make a bottle of Green Tea

Plain Black tea – Trà Mạn

Different from the green tea mentioned above, the variety of tea used for making Trà mạn is planted into bush with nearly one meter height at full mature, in the lowland or complex terrain areas like Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang, Phu Tho; or highland regions in Lam Dong, Gia Lai, Kon Tum.

Fresh tea buds and leaves after being carefully picked will be dried naturally before wilting. Then people will roast the buds and leaves in a pan with fixed level of temperature until the buds begin to curl up and desiccated. The green color now turns into black. Simple as it may sound, it is actually a very complicated process that depends much on the workers’ skills to achieve the requirements of quality. The buds should be in its original shape, no scrap is allowed and the fragrance has to be kept long lasting.

Scented tea- Trà ướp hương

Traditionally, scented tea is made from different types of finished tea leaves that are scented slowly with different fresh flowers to absorb aroma and flavor.Lotus fragrant tea is a kind of typical tea.

In addition, Jasmine tea , artichoke tea , kuding tea, Bud tea, chrysanthemum tea, aglaia tea are other common types of Vietnamese flower-infused tea.

When you travel in Vietnam, beside enjoy the Vietnam special foods, do not miss to try a cup of tea.