“Bún chả”: Vietnamese grilled pork and noodle – One of the best Vietnam street food that everyone likes.

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Bún chả is a Vietnamese dish of grilled pork and noodle, which is thought to have originated from Hanoi. It’s one of the most favourite Hanoi street food for tourist must to try.

“Bún chả” is served with grilled fatty pork (chả) over a plate of white rice noodle (bún) and herbs with a side dish of dipping sauce.

There are two types of grilled pork chops and chopped pork balls, usually pieces of meat will be made from three meat just to meat is soft and sweet, the ball is molded into round pieces with about ¼ palm, marinated and Roasted red charcoal stove. Noodles do not want to eat well, also need to eat properly .The first, just put vermicelli into the bowl, you can use chopstick, although very difficult for you . The capital often said that eating noodles is right  to eat a variety of green vegetables such as salads, herbs, shiso … Take a chopstick noodle and dip in a bowl of sauce filled with barbecue meat, plus vegetables. Enjoy the harmonious spread of exciting flavors. be really really delicious. Now, you can enjoy the dish.

Many foreigners like to eat Bun cha, they said that: This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten so far in Viet Nam. American celebrity chef Bourdain has the opportunity to dine with Obama when he visits Vietnam in May 2016.

It is not difficult to find a line of bun cha in the corner of the capital of Hanoi, in which, there are some shops are quite famous, familiar with customers such as Dac Kim, Hang Manh, Ta Quang Buu, Duy Diem, Ngoc Khanh, Huong Lien,Le Van Huu, Ngoc Xuan, Thuy Khue, etc. And the difference between restaurants (which serve “bun cha”) is how they marinade the pork.