Hanoi Sapa Train & Bus

Fanxipan Express Train


Fanxipan Express Train is a reputable railway company with top modern and professional train service.

  •   Cosiest trains from Hanoi to Sapa with well-designed cabins and attentive train service
  •   Offers Free picking you up from hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter ( Our office ) to Hanoi Train Station
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Chapa Express Train


Chapa Express train is considered as one of the best trains from Hanoi to Sapa and vice versa with two deluxe carriages. Well equipped cabins and beautiful designation make sure you a good train ride.

  • A new renovated train from Hanoi to Sapa and vice
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ET-Pumpkin Express Train


Coming back with better decoration and brand-new design inspiring by the Halloween Festival, Pumpkin Express train will impress all the customers as one of best trains in Hanoi – Sapa route at the first glance.

  •   Well-designed trains from Hanoi to Sapa with stunning cabins and
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New Livitrans Train


Being an experienced train running on Hanoi – Lao Cai route, New Livitran Express Train is listed as one of the most favourite train for passengers

  •  Livitrans’ cabins are favourite choice for thousand of passengers
  •  Offers Free picking you up from hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter ( Our office
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Dream Express Train


Dream Express Train is one of the newest trains running Hanoi-Lao Cai- Hanoi route. With adequate equipment, cozy atmosphere and impressive decoration, Dream Express Train is able to offer interesting journey with reasonable price compared with other high-class trains

  •  A new renovated train from Hanoi to
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Orient Express Train


Offering an inspirational experience onboard, Orient Express Train is a reputable brand providing travel train tickets to Sapa – one of the most outstanding destinations in Vietnam. This train is a popular option for travelers visiting Sapa from Hanoi.

  •  Orient Express Train is designed according to
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King Express Train


King Express Train has its own slogan “Serving you as serving the King and the Queen on board” for their service style in order to bring passengers the highest level of satisfaction. It provides a wonderful experience on the train to be admired the majestic and pristine

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Sapaly Express Train


Sapaly express train features deluxe carriages which offer Deluxe 4-berth cabin and VIP cabin 2 berths for those who desire a private cabin with the ​stunning and modern interior of European standards.

  •  A recommended railway brand which highlight with top outstanding train service
  •  Offers Free picking you
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Victoria Express Train


Ranked as the top luxurious coaches running on Hanoi-Lao Cai – Hanoi route, Victoria Express Train is the best choice for passengers who value luxury cabin and are on the hunt for professional services.

  • The most luxurious train to Sapa
  • Door to door service: Offers Free picking you up
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